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Band Bio

We are the band Once Called Saul from Quakertown, PA.
The name comes from the story of Saul, a persecutor and thief who was blinded by the hand of God. Saul changed his life and his vision was restored. After becoming a follower of God, Saul changed his name to Paul. Before becoming Christians, we were all like Saul. After accepting the love of Jesus Christ we then became like Paul.
Don't get the wrong picture of us as we are not perfect and we all make mistakes, but through the love of Jesus we find it easier to get through the rough times. We know that whatever we have done our Lord has forgiven us.  With Once Called Saul going strong, we look forward to being used by God and follow His calling.


Mission Statement
Our mission is to bring people to Jesus Christ
through powerful lyrics and hard hitting rock music.

Infulences ~ Third Day, Creed, Kutless, Steven Curtis Chapman, Pillar, Breaking Benjamin, Decyfer Down

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